What they need?

The Lunga Foundation wants to help The Farm to improve its facilities and the living environment of the children. Currently, The Farm does not receive financial support from the government for many of the children, since it does not comply with the official rules for orphanages. If they did, the caretakers would receive R320 (approximately 20 Euros) for each child living on The Farm. For those children officially in custody of the farm, financial support would even be R1200 (approximately 80 Euros).

The Lunga Foundation contributes with concrete projects and in addition to these would also like to contribute to the daily welfare of the children.

At the moment we are focusing on the following:

  • SAFETY: New couches, safety doors, pavement, facilities for the day care. 
  • HEALTH: Health jar for food & medical expenses (€20,- per child per month).
  • HEALTH: Cows for fresh milk.
  • HEALTH: Sufficient suitable and safe furniture (material support from local businesses).
  • EDUCATION: School fees and uniformens for 2015 (€4,50 per child per month).

Remark: Amounts are indicative and depend on the current exchange rate.


SAFETY: New furniture

A home with so many children requires sturdy furniture. In the girls’ house, some of the sofas are very worn down and therefore unhygienic. In the boys’ house, there are no sofas of chairs to sit on, and the boys often hang out in their beds. The owners of The Farm would love to have some sturdy sofas of good quality made for both houses. For this project, we need 850 Euros (label: FURNITURE).


HEALTH: Health jar 

The orphanage The Farm can barely, and sometimes not provide the basic necessities needed by the children. In order for children to grow into healthy adults they need healthy food and access to medical care. The children who need to be treated for HIV/Aids need special attention. In order to provide for the children at The Farm roughly €1.000,- is needed per month (label: HEALTH JAR).

The Health Jar should contribute to:

  • Basic meals: For €15,- per month a child will receive daily meals.
  • Vegetables and fruit: For €2,50 per month we can offer a child a healthy variety.
  • Medical: For €2,50 per month regular check-ups and medicins can be afforded.


HEALTH: Sufficient suitable and safe furniture (material support)

The Farm currently only has furniture that is in a bad state. There are too few chairs and benches to sit on and beds to sleep in. Our coordinators in Durban is currently searching local outlets for 2nd hand furniture as we are looking for robust chairs, tables, benches, cupboards and beds.

HEALTH: Milk cows

The Lunga Foundation has already been able to buy one milk cow for The Farm. Currently, there are three milk cows to provide the children daily with fresh milk and yoghurt. However, the cows do not give a lot of milk because The Farm cannot afford special feed. This special feed is expensive, and to obtain a good price larger quantities need to be bought. Thus, it would be beneficial to have more cows and sell the superfluous milk to people in the community. Milk cows cost 700 Euros (label: MILK COWS).

EDUCATION: School fees and uniforms 

Currently 40 children from The Farm attend school. The school year in South Africa runs from January to December. This means the 2014 school year is just around the corner and new uniforms need to be purchased and school fees paid. In order to cover these costs an annual fee of €2.000,- is required (label: EDUCATION)

These costs are broken down as follows:

  • School fees: Only €2,- per month (€25,- per year) will pay for a child's school fees.
  • Schooluniformen: €25,- per child will provide the regulated school uniform.


Remark: Amounts are indicative and depend on the current exchange rate.