Who is Lunga?

The meaning of the name Lunga - Be good and kind.

Lungalani is a 7 year old boy that stole our hearts and made us realise why it is so important that refuge projects such as The Farm exist.


Lunga lived with his father on The Farm. His mother worked in another town and was only able to visit every now and then on weekends. Neither parent was able to care for him due to a combination of disability and alcohol abuse. The Farm offered the family the opportunity of staying together and provided the necessary help in raising and caring for Lunga. They provided him with meals, taught him his first English words at the day-care and if necessary took him to the doctor.

In April 2012, when Lunga was 3 years old, his parents decided that he would be better off living with his aunt. This aunt wasn't able to have children herself and so was keen to look after Lunga. But during this time The Farm had no idea where Lunga was or if he was being well looked after.

In 2013 Linda-Jane visited Lunga at his new home. In African terms the house was a good one. It had a small kitchen, a few pieces of furniture and even a toilet. Digging through dustbins provided Lunga with 1 pair of underpants, 1 pair of pants and 2 shirts. In the town where Lunga lives alcoholism is a big problem and many people walk around drunk during the day. They are not able to find work and if they do get any money, it is more often than not spent on alcohol.

In 2014 and 2015 Linda-Jane also visited the Farm and arrangements were made for her to meet with Lunga. The little cute boy is growing up to be a strong and tough big boy. He does well in school and speaks proper English. During his visits to the farm he enjoys playing with the kids and all the attention he gets. 

Because Lunga's parents still have the parental power we can not do more for him then letting him come back to the farm during his school holidays and give him that little bit of extra care and attention. Unfortunately there is not much more we can do for him at the moment. But what we can do is to make sure projects as the Farm keep existing to give children like Lunga a carefree and safe childhood. A childhood that gives a foundation to build on a better and more beautiful South Africa. 

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