Who are we?

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. 

The Lunga Foundation was set up by Linda-Jane van den Berg. Together with a team of inspirational people she has set her sights on making the lives of the children of South Africa a little better by providing them with a childhood that is safe, healthy and educated.



         Linda-Jane van den Berg 

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As a child I visited South Africa a number of times to visit family. It was always my dream to spend time in South Africa as a volunteer working with children. At the end of 2011 I completed my studies at the University of Leiden as a child psychologist and could at last fulfil my dream. In February 2012 I left on a 3 month trip to South Africa, where my trip started with a fantastic month on the Farm and time flew by. Thereafter I volunteered for a further month at the Mother of Peace orphanage. I found the adjustment very difficult because life on the Farm was very primitive and simple, whereas Mother of Peace was well organised and efficient. There is an age of difference between these two projects. Houses at 'Mother of Peace' are shared between six children and a house-mother, while more than 40 children pile into a single house at the Farm. Mother of Peace has sponsors for clothing, the building of house and much more while the Farm is reliant on donations from volunteers who come to work and any other means they can find to support their cause.

I immediately saw opportunities where we would be able to assist The Farm to become just as well run as Mother of Peace. With little Lunga providing ample inspiration, a new dream was born: to create a foundation to help The Farm reach its potential. After a year of much thought and planning I returned to The Farm in April 2013. Thanks to volunteers’ efforts, much had already begun to change, yet it still pained me to think of all that these wonderful children are missing out on. Boys who play barefooted soccer because there is no money for shoes. Young girls fall pregnant because there is a taboo on the use of condoms. Babies are abandoned because no one can care for them. All these children have so many beautiful characteristics and talents but they often don't get the oppertunities to show and develop them. My dream to create my own foundation came true. I hope that the Lunga Foundation can help to make a lot of dreams of the children of South Africa come true. 


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         Marco van Soerland

I have long had a wish to do volunteer work. However, I had to turn 30 before I finally turned wishes into action. In 2011 I took a month of my job as a developer in sustainable energy to work at the orphanage Mother of Peace in South Africa. Mother of Peace is an orphanage that houses approximately 70 children. 

Especially the extreme differences between rich and poor and the consequences of HIV/Aids made a deep impression on me. Otherwise, it was very special to see that all children, each with their own story, cheerfully run through life and make the best out of their situation. 

Not even a year later, I revisited Mother of Peace with my brother. It was good to be back. Especially because I met Linda-Jane, who introduced me to the orphanage The Farm. 

Today, she and I are building our lives together, and -through the Lunga Foundation- we try to work on a better future for ‘our’ children in South Africa.


SecretaryCaroline van den Berg

         Caroline van den Berg 

I am very proud to help with the work of the Lunga Foundation, which was founded by my daughter and her boyfriend. I love to work with them to provide a better future for the children in South Africa. 

I have visited South Africa multiple times, and my next trip, which includes a visit to The Farm is planned for Februari 2014. I look forward to seeing with my own eyes what is needed to help the children. 



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Team Lunga

Team South-Africa

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Zulu Beadz

      Nienke Thuijs

Nienke Thuijs

My family and I moved to South Africa for my husband’s job. It is a wonderful country, with which we fell in love during an earlier vacation. When the opportunity to move to South Africa for a few years presented itself, we did not have to think very long. I quit my job as a physician in The Netherlands for 

a few years. Since it is virtually impossible to obtain a work permit I was soon looking for an interesting opportunity in volunteer work. In our daily lives, we are constantly confronted with the differences between rich and poor and I love to contribute to society where I can.


When my friend Chantal and I got into touch with the Lunga Foundation there was an immediate connection. A first visit to The Farm was soon made and I was sold… Especially now that I have my own small children it touches me to see all these children without parents, in primitive conditions and with no good perspectives for the future. I am very keen to contribute to creating a better future for these children.

       Chantal Jansen

Chantal Jansen

After six years in the Middle East, we moved to Durban in July 2012. 

We live in Durban temporarily, for three years. My husband Bas works for a multinational company. Our two children Jippe and Jasmine attend a very nice South African school. We enjoy the beautiful, special country very much. 

Ever since we arrived, I have looked for an opportunity to contribute to society in an interesting project. Every day, I am confronted with the harsh truth of South Africa. I have visited several projects, but the Lunga Foundation appealed to me most. The visit to The Farm was impressive. It showed me that I really want to contribute to this project. My friend Nienke felt the same, and together we enthusiastically work towards realizing a better future for these children.

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