Lunga Foundation Aims

A future for every talent.

The Lunga Foundation aims to build a foundation for the future of the children of South Africa. We invest in these children so that they can unleash their talents and thereby, assist in the growth of South Africa. By investing in concrete projects, targeting structured upliftment, we can create the right conditions for children to grow up Safe, Healthy and Educated. Parallel to this, we also support local projects with their day-to-day running costs.


The Lunga Foundation works towards a South Africa where children can grow up safe, educated and healthy. We invest in the children of South Africa so that they can unleash their potential and thereby help with the growth of South Africa.


We focus the talents of our volunteers on organizing as many activities that support local projects in South Africa. The projects we support are aimed at creating a lifestyle where children can be raised in a Safe, Healthy and Educated environment. By supporting local projects we are able to fit into the local cultures and their requirements. The Lunga Foundation relies on its own volunteers in South Africa and so is in a position to manage new projects and to ensure that funding reaches the correct target.

Labelled donations (transparancy & feedback)

The Lunga Foundation attaches great importance on feedback and transparency. We believe that people want to support others, as long as this support is concrete, transparent and one-on-one. It is for this reason that we work with Labeled Donations. By labeled Donations we mean that every donation receives a label. This label is the concrete aim that this donation will be supported and offers the opportunity to the benefactor to be kept up to date with realized aims.

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