How do we help?

Safety, health and education

By investing in tangible projects, aimed at structural improvements, we create conditions that are required to ensure children grow up Safe, Healthy and Educated. We also support local projects to make ends meet. 

Our activities are aimed at collecting the financial means, and we greatly value feedback and transparency. This is demonstrated by the one-on-one connection between donations and the investment project or support program. We call this ‘working with labeled donations’.

Our solid network of volunteers in The Netherlands and South Africa allows us to ensure the financial means are spend wisely. Besides fundraising in The Netherlands, we also focus on materialistic support in South Africa. This can include for instance furniture for the orphanage or computers for a home work room. 

W ensure that at least 90% of all donations goes directly towards the children in South Africa. No more than 10% is used to cover the expenses of the organization. With the support of our partners and volunteers, we aim to keep this portion as small as possible. 

The Lunga Foundation is a Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI). Thus, your donations are tax deductible for companies as well as private persons.  

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